NHS Trusts scrapping Off-Framework agency use from July 2024

The sands of healthcare recruitment are always shifting, and yet another major change is on the horizon.

As set out in the recent NHS 2024/25 priorities and operational planning guidance the use of staff from off-framework agencies will be removed from all NHS Trusts by the end of this month.

Whilst many agencies may be scrambling, CareJoy (and all our clients and candidates) will be continuing as normal as we are a framework agency, approved by the HTE, the Workforce Alliance (covering LPP, CPP and CCS), the NHS Wales Framework as well as for all the major private hospitals and care groups.

We have always strived to deliver the highest quality of care and compliance and welcome the move towards stricter and safer agency usage throughout the NHS. Our strong relationships with NHS Trusts and the private sector speak for themselves, you are in safe and dependable hands with CareJoy.

Impact on candidates
As an approved framework agency these changes will have no impact on our operations, and we will continue to support you with roles across the country.

If you are working with an off-framework agency these placements (and future job offers) will come to an end this month. Contact our team on 020 3773 4414 or email info@carejoy.co.uk if you have any questions or would like support in securing future work.

Impact on clients
We understand that this may be a time of uncertainty for clients who rely on multiple agencies for their staffing needs. As outlined in the guidance “by July 2024, trusts are expected to end the use of all off-framework agencies.” This means agency workers working through off-framework suppliers will need to be removed or transferred to a framework agency (such as CareJoy) before the July deadline.

The team at CareJoy have spent the last few months working with numerous NHS Trusts to get ahead of the upcoming changes to remove off-framework spending and deliver high-quality staffing on a consistent basis.

Contact our team on 020 3773 4414 or email info@carejoy.co.uk for more information on the impact of the guidance or would like support in securing your department’s staffing.

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